Simple Superheroes ISSUE #0

ISSUE #0 is the start to all the Simple Superheroes "Issues" you and your friends will tell. It gives you all the tools you need to build unique characters, interesting stories, and compelling Universes. It contains all the guidance you need to run entertaining, intriguing and immersive game sessions.

ISSUE #0's name has a double meaning. There will also be future ISSUEs that expand on what is contained in ISSUE #0. These will primarily be scenario, setting and adventures, published quarterly in comicbook format.

Simple Superheroes Design Philosophy

A supers RPG should enable a vast array of character powers and tropes. Moreover it must be robust enough to handle a huge diversity of powes and actions. To allow the greatest amount of creativity and fun, a simple central framework has been created around which the players and Game Masters create their own suite of powers and talents. This system relies heavily on what all RPGs should, trust between GM and players.

  • Any Power you can Imagine, defined as you imagine.
  • Simple Guidelines that Unleash your Creativity.
  • Limitations to keep your Characters interesting.
  • Relations and Values to Motivate your Character.

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The Heart of Simple Superheroes

Want to learn more?

The Heart of Simple Superheroes provides a summary of all the key components of Simple Superheroes. It contains:

  • Character Creation in One Page
  • The Rules in One Page
  • Options & Special Actions (in one page)
  • A character sheet to create your superhero (it fits on one page too!)

It makes a great reference for players at the table.

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Heart of Simple Superheroes

Upcoming Issues

The first issue is set in the city of New Carthage. Set just a few years in the future, it is a universe where individuals with powers have existed only for a short time. Most metahumans are connected in some fashion to the now defunct ONEVA project.

Simple Superheroes Issues 1-4 are adventure modules that contain both information on the city, and an adventure consisting of villains with strong motives and personality and many possible events. In print they are saddle-stitched black-and-white modules that are ~32 pages, and magazine size.

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Issue #1 The Experiment
Dr Newton, is being plagued by thefts. He brings the heroes on to keep his latest experiment in chronal acceleration from being disrupted.
Expected release October 2022

Issue #1.5? The King Ritual
Set in Challice city, your mystic heroes have a chance to weaken the Hedge's iron-fisted grip on the City by disrupting a deccenial ritual providing them with blessings from the Faerie King.
Expected release January 2023

Issue #2 Our Genetics
Professor Adrakis, a genetic engineer, is looking for an escaped subject. He may well capture your hero's loved ones to gain your assistance.

Issue #3 Motorcycles & Lasers
Someone is supplying a motorcycle gang know as the Black Bullets with high-tech weaponry. This has led to a full-scale gang war.

Issue #4 Escape from Blackthorne
Someone has broken into Blackthorne Correctional Facility. Are they trying to free one of the many dangerous metahuman inmates or are they after something else?

Issue #5 Heroes by Gaslight
The crowds cheered when the great dirigible airship first sailed overhead. But the city has become troubled by a large number of robberies and strange goings on. Most ignore it, but some call Count Zeppelin a practitioner of the black arts.
Set in Victorian London or New York.

Future Issues
Future Issues will introduce more mystically oriented adventures such as A Whirlwind of Stone & Flame and House of Bolchavar, and ones at greater power tiers.

Simple Superheroes #1: The Experiment cover

Sample Characters

You can download a PDF with a number of the heroes from Issue #0. Including:

  • The Ant
        a genetically engineered warrior
  • Artic Gale
        a manipulator of wind and cold
  • The Cat
        a shapeshifting werecat
  • Dynamo
        a hero empowered by absorbing electricity
  • Mindfire
        a manipulator of fire and minds
  • Mr. Mercurial
        a boastful speedster
  • Tesla
        an inventor extraordinaire

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